Welcome to the Grace+Lee blog!


Grace+Lee is not my name. But it is a family thing. So how did I come up with the title? Grace is my middle name, as well as, my daughters. Lee is my husband’s middle name, as well as, my sons. See? It’s a family thing. Here are a few things that I love, which makes up the contents of this blog:


 I am married to a kind man who radically loves Jesus. We have been married for 3 years and have 8 kids 8 years and have 3 kids. An almost 5 year old little girl, a 2 year old wild little boy, and a sweet baby girl who was born in March. These little ones, along with my husband, are my greatest earthly treasures. I cannot think of anything on earth that is as valuable to me as these people. I am not a perfect mom and wife BY ANY MEANS, but I love Jesus a whole lot, which means the more I strive to look like Jesus, the better I will give my life to serve my family. I love Scripture. I love learning theology, and I love holding Scripture up like a diamond and examining all of the facets. I believe it’s true, and real, and life-giving. I believe God-breathed the very words that are written on these pages. Since I became a mama, I struggle to spend the time I would like truly studying His words. But I am thank we have them, and I strive to do what they say. Very imperfectly, I might add. So thank you Jesus.


We love to travel. We lived overseas for almost a year and have traveled to Europe, Asia, + South America. We have a heart for all the nations of the world and love experiencing culture outside of our American life. The world is so much bigger than just us, and we want to continue to broaden our worldview and hope to instill that desire in our children. We are so thankful to be where we are and also love exploring our country too :). I love to provide insight on my travel posts about how to truly experience a place like a local, they know the land better than us! I have been to all of the places I write about, however, I try to dig deeper and get perspective from friends who are real-live locals. So we can all experience our world a little more and TRAVEL LIKE A LOCAL!


If you know me, you know I really adore style. I love trendy clothes and accessories and pretty things. It’s fun and creative for me to dress me and you. Please, let me dress you. And your friends. As much fun as I have styling myself (and others!), the constant reminder of my inadequacies remind me that beauty is fleeting. Aging is upon me, and I’m okay with that. As cheesy as it sounds, the outward adorning of our body should never be more beautiful than cultivating a kind, gracious, and loving heart- one that mirrors the heart of Jesus.


I once read a statement by Ann Lamont- Don’t judge others’ outsides by your inside. I have tucked that little nugget away, pulling it out on those days that I see the beautiful life of other people and realize that I am no where close to measuring up. We know ourselves well. We know our messy selves. We know our happy selves. We know our angry selves. We know our if-you-do-that-one-more-time-I’m-going-to-scream selves. Those selves are deeper than the outsides. We can present ourselves, our bodies, our lives, as beautiful and untainted. As if we have it all together. But just remember- anyone can apply makeup, put on clean and cute clothes, and curl her hair. I can make my kitchen and den super straight and clean. But if you open the door to the other rooms, you know, those rooms where I keep the door shut when company comes over, you will see the mess.

I am so grateful you took the time to read in my space. I truly appreciate you stopping by and hope you decide to stay for awhile.




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