DIY minimal wreath + garland


My last post, I gave you a few tips on decorating for Christmas on a budget. Now, I’m going actually show one of the methods of transforming your space for the holidays. All the rage right now is the minimal wreath and garland, the organic floral. My church has asked me to decorate our staff Christmas party, so this year, I’m a little more invested in creating lots of decor on a budget. I started brainstorming ways to add greenery to the large space (because we all know greenery changes everything), and I figured out how to make a minimal wreath using items you may already have around your house. On Saturdays, I go on runs outside (instead of treadmills, yuck)…since hubby can watch the kiddos, so all of the beautiful bushes and trees got me thinking. In between the tumble I made on the side walk while 20 weeks pregnant, walking off a twisted ankle, and brushing the leaves out of my hair, I came up with a plan. I made these wreaths and garland for a total of $6.00. I mean c’mon. Now keep in mind, you can create a more full look (not so minimal) by simply adding more leaves.

The only things you will need to purchase: Floral wire (purchased mine from Hobby Lobby) and rope (if you are doing a garland). The rest of your supplies: wire hanger and greenery from your bushes.


Step One. Trim your bushes! Seriously, it doesn’t matter where you find the greenery. I chose two different types of leaf and went with it. You can use anything in nature! We have a bush with some sort of black berry that would be pretty added to both a wreath and garland. Feel free to sse your imagination and be creative!


Step Two. Go to your closet and get a wire hanger! Untwist your hanger and attempt to make a circle. It doesn’t have to be perfect! The greenery will hide the wire.


Step Four. I like to pre-cut the floral wire into 2 inch strands so it’ll already be available when I’m ready to attach the greenery. Pick a piece of greenery and get ready to attach! Start anywhere. Attach the greenery to the hanger by twisting floral wire onto the hanger. Twist hard! The more you do it the better you get. Depending on how big the greenery, you may use multiple pieces of wire.


Step Five. Add another piece! You’ll want them to overlap each other.


Step Six. Keep going until you’ve filled the whole circle. Feel free to add more pieces wherever you want for a fuller look.


Step Seven. To make a garland, apply the same steps except attach the greenery to a rope instead of a hanger!

I hope this helps and you’re on your way to a more green space! Please feel free to reach out and ask questions, I would love to hear from you!



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