Using Your I-Phone For Instagram: For the Beginner


Less than a year ago, I started a new Instagram (@kelly_hovis) that could specifically serve as a creative outlet. I’ve gone through seasons where I post a couple times a week to once every few weeks. I haven’t been super consistent over the last few months, but recently I’ve tried to step up my game to set myself up well for when I launch my new business. Shhh, it’s a secret :). Exciting right??

I’ve had people ask me, “how do you get your images to look like that?”…well friends, with an I Phone. Gasp!  And natural light. And a little editing. And the right kind of props. My favorite kind of images are against a white background, with an overhead angle. This is called a flat lay, where you arrange all of your props on a surface in a strategic way, to capture an overhead image. Here are a few tips to step up your creative flay lay Insta-game with your I-Phone.

  1. Choose a surface. I specifically like lighter surfaces. They are my favorite and the most beautiful to me! I really love mixing textures when possible, such as marble, tile, and wood  however, many times I just use a white foam board. As you can see, the images below have lots of texture and surface. We have tile, a foam board, and marble.
  2. Position your surface in favor of natural light. Keep off the overhead lights, as that will create a yellow tint. If it’s the early morning and the sun is not shining in your direction at all, it’ll usually create a blue tint. The best light is a room with lots of windows, where the flat lay is kept out of the direct stream of light. Or, go outside and find a shaded area.
  3. Props. This is obviously what makes your image. The more I do this and the more you do it, the better we will get. I’m still learning and growing too! What kind of look do you want to portray? Is there a specific color scheme? Do you want to fill all the white space, or do you want to make a statement with just a few items? What is it you are trying to tell through your image? This is the fun part. It’s a story you are piecing together! For example, the following images tell a story of our new baby reveal. My oldest daughter has been dying for a sister. She has a rambunctious younger brother and gets pretty jealous of her friends with sisters. So after my husband and I found out the gender, I made her a cake with pink icing in the middle. We cut into it after she got home from school, and here are her sweet little hands relishing in her new baby sis.
  4. Editing. I NEVER use a filter. Ever. I’m too controlling over my images for that! I like to be the one in charge of the brightness, contrast, and sharpness. I don’t want a filter doing that for me. Instagram has pretty good editing capabilities, so bypass the urge to click on a filter and head on over to editing. Here is an example of  before and after editing. See the difference a little editing can make?

    I hope these few tips help and you’re on your way to more beautiful images, all with the click of an I-Phone! I would love to hear any tips and tricks you may have as well. Feel free to reach out at!



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