Perforated Booties

Have you been checking out the Nordstrom Anniversary sale like I have? Which means I have been perusing the Nordstrom website and obviously found lots that I like. There are a style of shoe I have been eyeing, and then let it go when I decided I didn’t need to spend that much money at this moment. I like the shoes, but I’m looking for something cheaper then the options I found. I’m a mom, so I have mouths to feed and little bodies to clothe other than my own, know what I mean?! So I want to share with you a different pair of shoes I found that are similar to the ones at Nordstrom but so much cheaper. YAY ME! Peace out Nordstrom! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the place and there is a time to go big, but there are many times to leave the credit card in the wallet and head on home. Or head on over to Marshalls.

Please tell me you check out your local Marshalls and TJ Maxx?? If that is a “no,” you are missing out. Let me show you what I mean…check out these booties I found from Nordstrom:

  1.  Jeffery Campbell booties for 179.95 at Nordstrom


2. Lucky Brand booties for 138.95 at Nordstrom


Okay see them? Perforated booties are trendy right now (as you can see), and I just love it.  I think it is a fun and different look, so when I walked into Marshalls and found these guys for only $29.99, I was like YES.


image1 (6)

These are the perfect little booties to help transition from Summer to Fall, and cheap enough that I won’t be kicking myself later nor will I feel pressure if I don’t wear them as much as I should. Such a fun and pleasant find, hope you have some luck too!

Stay tuned,, I have a fun date night outfit coming at ya next time!





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