Must-Have Jumpsuit

image1 (2)

I adore this outfit. It’s comfy but still cute, and my secret tip behind rompers and jumpsuits are simple…you only have to pick out ONE item to put on! No shirt and pants, just one whole outfit ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I tried this outfit on at the store and loved it, but left without it. For the next week, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I liked it, so I went back and bought it. The employee working told me that no one had purchased the outfit yet, and I was the first to do so at that particular store. WHY PEOPLE?! Go buy it!

I took it to Mexico and wore it to dinner, then this past weekend. I wore it while I  coordinated a wedding. It was perfect for running around (because pants), light enough that I wasn’t sweating, and dressy enough that I fit in just fine. I hope you get it before they sell out!

image2 (2)

Shop here: Jumpsuit / Bangles / Shoes  


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