When Pinterest Parties Overwhelm You


You know when you look on Pinterest and you see all of the beautiful showers and birthday getups? You think that you want your party to look that way, but don’t know where to start or how to get there? Or maybe you have a really small budget, and you just can’t afford all the bells and whistles. I know how you feel. I have been there. There have been times when I have refused to look at Pinterest because it made me feel not good enough, that I could never do it like that or just simply did not have the time and resources. Those of us who do love pretty things and enjoy creating a Pinteresty (it’s a word) party,  let’s not get lost in the details and forget what that party is really about- loving people well, opening up your home or space, bringing people together to celebrate something special. It’s just fine if you go to Party City, buy a few balloons, and put out some chips and dip in plasticware! Don’t stress yourself out. Just invite people over and offer a space of acceptance and celebration, and I’d say that is a successful party!

So, before I share with you a few easy and VERY budget-conscious ideas on how to add fun details to your party, I want to relieve you of the pressure and expectation of throwing the perfect Pinterest party and free you to find joy simply in the celebration, whether it’s your child’s birthday, a new baby, or a soon-to-be bride. Those reasons alone make for a great celebration. Or maybe it’s just not your thing, but you feel like it should be…I say DO YOU SISTER and head on over to Party City!

Usually, when I’m responsible for hosting a shower, I don’t think about it until the day before or the day of. This is really because I don’t feel the pressure to make it look all Pinteresty (I told you, it’s a word), it just sort of evolves that day. I’m usually out running errands for the party, and see something that inspires me, and it starts there. For example,  I went to Michaels to buy some spray paint for another project, and found this wrapping paper.

2016-06-11 09.10.19

Each roll was $1.50 each! That’s my kind of deal. When decorating a space, I usually do lots of a neutral with pops of color. So, I figured these guys can be my pops of color. When I got home, I decided to cover various sizes of boxes using the paper. When displaying food or decor on table, it looks nice to have height, so I knew I could use the boxes as a base for the platters. Any type of box will do! Cereal boxes, food boxes, puzzle boxes…go look around your house, you’ll find something!

2016-06-11 09.06.43

Next, I decided to add smaller details using this paper, and created these guys:

2016-06-11 09.05.47

You can stick them anywhere! I made donuts and donut balls, so I stuck them in the donut balls for an added flare. Here’s what you need to make them:

2016-06-11 09.08.20

Supplies: Hot glue gun. Toothpicks. Paper

  1. .Cut the paper in strips, maybe 1.5-2 inches. You will fold them in half, like this:2016-06-11 09.06.22
  2. Hot glue it together! Make sure the pretty side is facing out. Then you will cut a slit from each corner to make the flag shape. Wahlah! You have flags to make your food look cute.

So far we have spent $4.50

Next up, cake topper!

A cake topper is a super cute way to spruce up your cake. If you are a mom, chances are, you already have most of the supplies. First, decide what you want the cake topper to say. For this baby shower, I wanted the baby’s name: Lucy. So, I went to my refrigerator and found all of the magnetic letters my kiddos play with. I had to search underneath the fridge for the Y and found lots of other surprises under there too.

2016-06-11 09.07.48

Supplies: Spray paint (whatever color you want to use). Letters. Sticks.

  1. Spray paint your letters
  2. Hot glue them to the sticks

That simple.

2016-06-11 09.09.08 (1)

Then, stick them in your cake! Here is the final cake, using the ideas I just shared with you (along with fake flowers I used from decor in my house):

2016-06-10 17.19.32

I wanted the cake to be the centerpiece, so I covered large books in the paper to display it on. The cake stand with the cake on it was pretty heavy, which is why I used books- the base needed to be sturdy!

Also, I wanted tiny flowers with some greenery to display on the bottom of the cake stand. So I went to our garden and found, what I thought, were wild flowers. The next day, my husband asked me if I picked the Cilantro from the garden. I told him “No, I didn’t. I KNOW what Cilantro looks like.” Well, apparently I don’t know what blooming cilantro looks like. 

I put cilantro on a Salted Caramel Pound Cake.

Lastly, one final note to the overwhelmed:

When you have a large space that you think needs to be displayed pretty, just focus on one table. That’s it. Make the food table pretty, and people will think you are so talented.

This dessert-themed baby shower I helped host was held in a very dark event space, so I don’t feel that the picture does it justice, but just use your imagination :). I used lots and lots and LOTS of cheese cloth to help lighten it up. We put most of our focus on this long food table, and the other tables we spruced it up with some flowers and  candles. That’s it.

Happy party planning!

2016-06-11 09.12.06


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