Tips For Family Photography

Hovis Family

Last weekend we had our family pictures taken by Jenna Jordan Design and I could not be more pleased! If you know me, you know I have fun styling outfits, so it was even more of a blast thinking through outfits for an entire family. If you want your family pictures to turn out great, not just good, then I have determined 3 things:

  1. Find a great photographer
  2. Choose colors and outfits carefully
  3. Location matters

The combination of these three factors make for beautiful pictures. Here’s why. You can have a great photographer, but if the colors of your outfits don’t mesh well with each other or your surroundings, chances are, the pictures aren’t going to be as stunning as they could be. You are most likely paying a pretty penny for your photographer, so why not help make these pictures as best as the possibly could be?

Lets start with OUTFITS. Layers photograph really well. It adds variety, texture, and a little mystery. Take a look below:

Hovis FamilyHovis FamilyHovis FamilyHovis Family


So, where do you start? Pick one person from your family, and start there. For instance, I found this dress by Show Me Your Mumu, loved it, and decided I wanted to wear this for our pictures. I based every other outfit off of this dress. I wanted lots of neutrals, but tied in some blues from my dress through my husbands jeans, and my daughter’s light denim vest. Not everyone needs to wear all the colors! My son is wearing camel colored pants, while my hat is also similar. My daughter is wearing a gray shirt, my son is wearing a gray sweater. You want everything to “go” but not all match. I also wanted lots of variety and texture, so I made my daughter a (no sew and super easy!) tulle skirt. Tutu’s also photograph really well and take up more negative space with something pretty. The hat also added variety and texture up top and gave the eye something exciting to fill up space with, as well.

Before I found this dress, I started planning our outfits with a color scheme in mind. I was originally going for blush and neutrals…but all that changed when I found the dress! Find a statement piece, and go from there. I found it easier that way.

Hovis FamilyHovis FamilyHovis FamilyHovis Family

So why is LOCATION a big deal? Go on Pinterest right now, and pin all of the family photography you think is beautiful. Now look at them all, and ask yourself if there is a common theme. For me, I love the low contrast, neutrals, dreamy, yet moody. I first told my photographer what I was going for, so she could be thinking of locations. Then, I scouted out an area myself. I didn’t want much color, such as flowers, and I didn’t want the city in the background. I found a park with a trail, made up of lots of greenery and simple tall trees, with long bare trunks. Perfect for what I was going for…neutrals and low contrast.

Hovis FamilyHovis FamilyHovis FamilyHovis FamilyHovis Family

Family photography is suppose to be fun, but let’s be honest. Sometimes with little kids, it’s stressful, and it’s sometimes easier to just not do it. I wanted to throw in the towel a few times that day, as my three year old was hysterically crying at times, and my wild little boy wouldn’t sit still. But that’s real life, and if the photographer captures the “real,” then I say it makes it even better! It also may overwhelm you putting outfits together, or giving it much thought in general…but if you do the work beforehand, I promise, you will be so happy in the end when you see the images, and they are everything you hoped for! Also, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone…because really, I NEVER wear hats! But I’m so glad I did this day! Or, you may just not care about this as much as I do, and that’s okay too.

If you want some help thinking through what your family should wear, shoot me an email and I’d love to help!




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