Sprucin Up

Fall is in the air. Can’t you feel it?

The weather has cooled, and I actually want to be outside again! After a hot summer, that first glimpse of cool weather always makes me want to put on jeans and a sweater. I LOVE FALL EVERYTHING.

Seriously. It’s my favorite. Amen?

So now that I’ve proclaimed my love for Fall, let’s move on.

I have recently revamped my foyer with lots of white and lots of gold. Yes, I’m sure ;)it’s white and gold. Pretty positive it isn’t blue and black. 😉


…  AFTER painting the trim + doors white |painting the furniture Silver Sage by Benjamin Moore |spray painting all of the frames that I currently owned white| finding gold accents such as the MOOSE HEAD(!) + gold frames| adding the globe:
Sorry, this last picture isn’t the best quality, but I zoomed in to give you a close up. Obviously I am still figuring out what to put in some of those frames. I love gallery walls, with a mix of odds + ends, so I picked a wall + put mine to work.

I love white. I love decorating with white. It makes the space feel so clean and light, don’t you agree? I love color too, don’t worry ;). I have plans to make my living room have some pops of green, pink, and blue. I’ll share when I actually get to that room! We moved from a two bedroom townhome with just a den, to a 4 bedroom house with a den and a living room! We have some empty space around here!

It can be overwhelming when decorating a much larger space, don’t you agree? I’ve decided to take ONE space at a time and focus on just that until it’s complete. Or mostly complete. I started with my dining room. I still need curtains and a rug for that one, but I decided to go ahead and move on to the foyer. And I am so glad that I did! It’s the first space people see when the come over!

So as I was sprucin’ up my foyer, I thought of a few things that may help if you decide to spruce up one of your spaces.

Tip~ Make sure when doing a gallery wall you pick a cohesive theme. You need to have something that ties it all together. My theme is obvious- gold and white. It doesn’t have to be that bold!  A gallery wall is suppose to reflect you and your personality. Do you love to travel? Why not incorporate a traveling theme? We love to travel, hence the globe. I hope to find a cool map to frame and hang on the walls. I may even print a few pictures of the places we have been and hang those, as well! Do you love animals? What is it you love? Figure that out and put it on a wall!

Tip~ See what you already have and use it! Sometimes there is no need to buy new things if a little paint can spruce up what you already have. Being on a budget forces me to be creative and use my imagination. Instead of thinking “What can I BUY that can create this specific look?”…My thoughts shift to, “I have these items, how can I use them to complete my look.” I most definitely bought new items, such as the mirror, globe, moose head, + gold accent frames. But I decided to paint the furniture and other frames to add to the look + I saved so much money by doing so!

Hope this was helpful or inspired you to go create something!

Happy Friday!


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