Dream Job

Hey y’all!

Hope this Saturday finds you all well, relaxed, and curled up on your couch with a cup of coffee. I know I am!

So big news for me! But first, let me tell you that I finally got a new computer. Our cute little 2-year-old dropped our very old Mac and is to the point of no return. It’s been difficult to stay consistent with the blog because of the pain it became to open the computer! Anyways, I got a fresh new piece, and I’m typing away with no problems!

So big news. I feel as though I am living someone else’s life, because this week, I am SO THRILLED to share that I landed my dream job! Starting in September, I will be working with The School of Styling three days a week. If you have never heard of this amazing business, click on the link above and check it out! Or, if you want a quick sneak peak, check out their Instagram: @theschoolofstyling

I will get to do Brand Relations, online presence, and collaborate with the Founder on new ideas. The Founder, Kaitlin, is such a sweet and wonderful person, that I am just as excited to work with her as much as I am for her!

I will still do my monogramming and appliqué work on the side, but this new job will be my main bread and butter. I can’t wait to be a part of such a cool, inspiring, creative business. I have always dreamed of working in the creative market!

So the kids. What will happen to them, you may ask. Well, we will keep them. They will still live with us, and we will continue to feed and clothe them, but they will be going preschool! We were already going to send Addie, but now we are sending my little buddy, Stockton. It makes me sad to not snuggle him all day, but I know that I will come home from this new job inspired.

I start in September but have a photoshoot in a couple of weeks to get my head shot for the website. Go check out the website! Especially if you are the in creative market, TSOS (The School of Stytling) could be and amazing and helpful resource for you!

Follow me on Instagram for sneak peaks into my day-to-day life! I may post a little from my work at TSOS, but much of the things we will be working on will be secret until we launch new workshops, classes, photoshoots, etc.

Happy Saturday!


4 thoughts on “Dream Job

  1. I would LOVE to hear more about school of styling! How you found out about them, the job there, what other jobs they have. Loved the website!! Are you all state side for awhile now?



    1. I personally know the Founder. For now, she just needed to fill this position that I will be doing! We are stateside indefinitely, who knows what the future holds! Thanks for visiting the blog 🙂


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