Is it not crazy how time flies? I know people say this often, but when I look at my life, and come to terms with the fact that I am 28 years old, married with two kids, it is a statement that hits me hard. 

I look at my almost 3 year old and sometimes try to picture what she was like just a year ago. What it was like to hold such a smaller version of herself, what she smelled like, how many words she was saying at the time. Then I tear up. Because I can’t. I can’t really remember. The picture in my mind is one that I conceived from a collaboration of photographs that I snapped in the moment. 

And it hits me. Time is flying. 

Ill admit, when I am in the trenches of the day to day grind with such small children, it feels as if time is standing still. The whining, the tantrums, the smiles, and baby laughter. It gets me. These babies. They are my greatest earthly treasure. 

When I allow myself to think about my life in terms of forever, the eternity that awaits me after this life, the sometimes mundane nature of early motherhood is not so mundane. 

Moms, we have an important job. Our children are eternal. Forever. Are we caring for their souls and preparing them to stand face to face with Jesus?

Are we parenting in a way that points them back to the Savior? Do we have The Mission in mind? To raise disciples of Christ?

Wow. We have a job. My prayer is that I will not coast through this life, parenting to survive, teaching my kids how to behave based on my ability to busy myself so that the days pass faster. 

My prayer is that I care for their little souls. That I listen to the reason for their cries, that I teach them why they should share. Not just make them do it. 

My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will give me words that edify my children and minister grace to the hearers. Isn’t it so easy to snap when they are driving you nuts? I feel you. I do. I’m right their with you. But my prayer is that the Holy Spirit will help me to exercise self control and to remember the Mission. 

Always remember the Gospel. It changes everything. It reminds us of the mission when we think we cannot change just one more diaper. Or fix one more lunch. Or listen to any more whining. 

Because God has been patient with me, I can be patient with my children. 

Because God lavishes grace upon me, I can lavish it upon my children. 

Because God disciplines me out of love, I discipline my children out of love, not anger. 

I’m praying for all the mothers out there. The ones who have babies and toddlers and feel like they cannot give one more ounce of themselves. May we go to Jesus and ask Him to give us what we need. To fill our cup that feels so empty and dry from the constant pouring out. 

 I pray that we parent their souls. It’s easy to look at our lives and wonder what am I doing? 

And when we do look back and wonder, I pray that we remember the Mission. Then we will realize our jobs have never been more important. 



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