Old to New

The busyness of summer has kept us on the go and rarely do I have the time to sit! This morning, however, I have a little bit of time so I want to share with you a recent project.

Do you have clothes in your closet that you never wear? Maybe they are a little outdated or something about it just isn’t particularly flattering. I challenge you to revamp. Do you know how much money you can save by updating the clothes you already have?

We are on a pretty tight budget, and I really wanted a pair of ripped skinny jeans. Too bad I didn’t keep the ones I had from high school…

Don’t you just love how fashion comes in full circle? I mean really…should we ever get rid of our clothes?!

Anyways, being on a tight budget causes me to get creative. I stood in front of my closet and just stared. An old pair of wide-leg Banana Republic jeans caught my eye. I haven’t worn these guys in a long time. They were not flattering at all, so outdated. I decided to experiment. If I messed them up I really didn’t care since I never wore them anyways!

I got to work on my research. Pinterest. Duh. I found a few Pinterest tutorials and sort of combined them. I didn’t plan on writing my own tutorial, otherwise, I would have taken pictures to document my revamp journey.

Here is the final product:


There was a lot of trial and error and a lot of pulling out stitches. Overall, I’m pretty thrilled with the final product! Next time, I’ll be sure to document my journey!

Do you have old clothes that you have updated? I would love to hear about it and see them!


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