Skirt Love

Today I made a new toddler skirt! To me, it shows progress when I learn something new from the process. Like learning to sew a certain side first, or fold a certain way, or maybe I don’t need to pin something but instead iron it to speed up the process. 

Most of my sewing projects take way longer then necessary since I have two little ones demanding my attention. 

I didn’t use a pattern, just trial and error! This time around I had little error, just a machine malfunction in the beginning- but those types of errors DRIVE ME NUTS. 

Anyways here it is!


I love the bottom layer contrasting with the top fabric. I used 1/2 a yard for the top fabric, because I want the skirt to bubble out, which does so when you have extra amounts of fabric. To have the skirt lay a little more pencil-esque then you would use a lot less fabric. This skirt fits a 2T, so I used 19in of elastic for an 18in waist band. 

I’m pretty pleased with this one!

Remember, keep calm and sew πŸ™‚



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