Crazy Messy Me

As a SAHM, you would think my house would be clean.

As a SAHM, you would think we would have food in our cabinets and refrigerator.

As a SAHM, you would think our laundry would be washed, folded, and put away.

You would think. Well, its not. My house is not clean. Our cabinets are bare. Laundry is everywhere. Seriously! How do people do it? Especially mom’s who work outside the home! We spend the morning out (for everyone’s sanity), I spend nap time embroidering, then they wake up, and we play again!

Whew. I need a housekeeper. And a cook.

My husband won’t go for it though. But let me tell you, our house may not but spotless but it sure is full of laughing, crying, silliness, and love!

The other day I felt so good about my productivity in my bedroom. I did laundry, folded it, put it away, re-folded my clothes in my drawers, put away my maternity clothes, and even got rid of some clothes! BUT IT STILL LOOKED CHAOTIC. Sometimes you have to create a mess in order to organize it. But then my toddler woke from her nap, my baby needed to be fed, and dinner needed to be cooked. And everything else paused.

Later that evening evening my husband commented on our house being a wreck.


Does it end? This crazy messy season? I think it does. But that’s when the kids are older. When they don’t need me to feed them. When those tiny hands aren’t pulling my measuring cups out of the cabinets. When she doesn’t wake up from a nap asking for a, “Snack please!”. When she doesn’t want to be mommy’s helper and fold clothes with me (aka unfold everything I just did).

So yes. My house is crazy messy. And never seems to be straight. And sometimes drives me absolutely insane. But one day, I’ll notice that the house is a little bit straighter and the cabinets are a little more filled, and that will mean my children are a little more grown and a little more independent. Or I just went to the grocery store.

May we remember it is a season. One to be treasured. Soak up those toddler messes. Those baby smells. Those diaper changing sessions. Those dreaded potty training days- which means your bathroom is GROSS. Because it is a season and it will pass.

Then we will look back, like those little old ladies at Target, and we will be the one telling the young moms with littles, “I remember those days. Those are the best days of your life.”

Until then, I’ll be taking applications for a housekeeper.

image1 AandS


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